The urge to create.

by RAVEN creates music and sound. By implementing technology, we aim to generate impact in a creative way. Whether we're composing for commercials and shows or producing sound design - we will provide the audio your project needs.

The synergy between disciplines plays a fundamental role in the making of a solid production. That is why we choose to collaborate with a variety of like-minded creatives. As a team we're able to push the envelope of what we create. Turns out making stuff is a lot more fun when you get to do it together. 

The music we created for De Maashorst won the Buma/Stemra Award for "Best Commercial Music" and our composition for Rebirth Festival was nominated for the “Best Trailer Music” award!

The majority of projects are a team effort, yet by RAVEN is founded by a single person: Justin Welgraven. 

My love for music, especially electronic music, originated at a young age. As a teenager I was performing as a DJ at major dance events. Over time I started to notice how I loved composing music a lot more than performing in front of an audience. This is why I decided to shift my focus. I chose to abandon pursuing a career as an individual music artist in order to find new goals. During my study of music technology I began composing music for commercials and events. This marked the first step on my newfound journey, and in January 2013 I officially founded my own company “by RAVEN”. Shortly after that I graduated from the HKU with a Master of Music degree. 

I can honestly say that I love what I do, and so far this journey has been incredible to me!

The road so far.

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